Spiritual Inspiration: A Prayer for Renewal

I invite you to get into a comfortable position, take a few refreshing breaths, and allow yourself a sacred moment to open to this spiritual inspiration, from my heart to yours. Allow for or intend that your mind chatter to … Continue reading

Stepping up, Standing in your Power, and being your Best in the New Year

The end of the old year often warrants reflection as we prepare to say good-bye and start a new chapter. What made us proud in the previous year? What did we do that made us feel amazing? Do we have … Continue reading

The Transformational Power of a Three Letter Word

In early December of 2006, I was reading the newsletter of one of my colleagues. In it, she was discussing a new program she had put together which included interviews with many well-known spiritual and personal growth mentors. As I … Continue reading

Special Announcement from Kim… Don’t Miss This!

Hi Everyone,   Tomorrow night, I have the joy of being interviewed by Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney, author of the wonderful books, “Angel Blessings” and “Angel Love.”  Our topic will be, “Experiencing Worthiness Through CHEER.”  What is CHEER?  Come join us … Continue reading

What Will You Discover

Good Morning,     Did you know that one of the most insidious obstacles to attracting your desires is something most of us don’t give much thought to? I know I hadn’t reallythought of it before…     Give this … Continue reading