Spiritual Inspiration: Writing Letters to God

An exercise I sometimes share with clients, to help them in sharing their thoughts and gaining spiritual inspiration and connection, is to write a letter to the god(s) of their understanding. (If you hate to write, don’t click away just … Continue reading

Four Distinct Ways God Provides Spiritual Inspiration Through Intuitive Guidance: Part Two In a Two Part Series

In Part One of this series, I shared spiritual tools that you can use to increase your awareness of Divine presence, thereby gaining greater spiritual support and spiritual inspiration in your life. As I mentioned in that post, Spirit often … Continue reading

A Musical Interlude: Five Beautiful Albums to Bring You spiritual Inspiration

Few things bring spiritual inspiration like the sound of beautiful music. Music transcends language, culture and age, and is universal in helping us to discover enriched emotional joy and experience life to it’s fullest. While we all have varied tastes … Continue reading

How to Use the Energies of Spring to Invoke Spiritual Inspiration

As I write this entry, the calendar, at least, tells me it’s spring again, which is a huge bolster to my own spiritual inspiration! This past winter has been really wacky weather-wise all over the U.S., and so I, for … Continue reading

spiritual Inspiration, A Prayer for Lightness, Humor and Laughter

I freely admit that I created this prayer of spiritual inspiration for my own use as well as for my blog readers. While that’s really the case with every prayer I write, as someone who generally takes my life far … Continue reading