12 Affirmations for Renewal, New Beginnings and spiritual Motivation

In keeping with the springtime theme begun in my last post, I’d like to share 12 powerful affirmations with you that can assist you in feeling renewed, revitalized and ready to move firmly forward with confidence, spiritual motivation and joy. … Continue reading

What Does an Orchid Have to Do with Your Spiritual Motivation?

When are spiritual motivation is not at it’s height, we tend to begin feeling stagnant, depressed or blocked in some way. One of the questions I most often hear from clients in such a frame of mind is, “How can … Continue reading

spiritual Inspiration: A Prayer for Motivation and Commitment

Today for your dose of spiritual inspiration, I’d like to share a prayer I composed to assist you in becoming / staying motivated and committed to your goals and dreams. Now that February is upon us (how’d that happen, anyway?), … Continue reading

Getting your Spiritual Needs Met: How to Meditate when You Simply Can’t Meditate

Meeting our spiritual needs often involves perceiving the communication of our Higher Power. Meditation is one way in which we can consciously still our minds and open to receive spiritual guidance, while nurturing ourselves at the same time. But what … Continue reading

Three Spiritual Tools to Claim your Serenity in 2013

As I prepare to share some spiritual tools with you to help you kick off this new year, I realize that I can hardly believe it’s 2013!! Can you? Did your 2012 go by quickly, too? How was your year … Continue reading