Spiritual Prayer for Discerning Spiritual Guidance

Father Mother God (or use the spiritual names which resonate with your path), I very much want to experience spiritual guidance, enhancing my life, opening my heart and filling my soul with peace. Sometimes, I only feel a deep sense … Continue reading

Spiritual Prayer for Living Life with Greater Ease and grace

Does your life often feel like a long, hard slog? Would you like to experience your life flowing with greater ease, grace and joy? I created this spiritual prayer to support you in this goal, and to help you further … Continue reading

Spiritual Prayer for Rising above Current Circumstances

I wrote today’s spiritual prayer to assist anyone who wishes to rise above current situations and events, and create more peace, joy and balance. To begin, take several slow, deep refreshing breaths, and allow your body to gently relax. Beloved … Continue reading

Spiritual Prayer for Honoring The Divine Masculine

As tomorrow is Father’s Day here in the U.S., I wanted to offer something a little different for today’s spiritual prayer. I did something similar for Mother’s Day earlier this year, so wanted to keep the tradition going. To prepare, … Continue reading

Spiritual Prayer for Times When You’re Feeling Stuck

Here is a spiritual prayer that I created to assist in getting you out of your stagnant places, apathy and lack of direction. I hope it provides you with the spiritual motivation and inspiration you seek. Find yourself in a … Continue reading