Coaching for Women with Disabilities

“Each new day is a new beginning – to learn more about ourselves, to care more about others, to laugh more than we did, to accomplish more than we thought we could, and be more than we were before.” ~Author Unknown


Are you a woman who is living with a physical disability? Do you feel depressed, isolated and / or frustrated? Would you like to find the empowerment, passion and strength with which to lead your best life despite your physical challenges?

As a woman who has lived my entire life with a physical disability, I understand and can relate to the frustration and annoyance that can go along with that. There are often people to “prove wrong”, stereotypes to overcome, and obstacles to surmount. But I can assure you from personal experience that, with enough commitment, passion and determination on your part, you can learn to lead an empowered, productive and fulfilled life in spite of any physical challenges. Your disability does not have to rule your life. It’s all in how you deal with it that can make all the difference! I’d love to partner with you as you become enabled and empowered to lead your best life.

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