Coaching Programs


One-On-One, Completely Personalized Coaching Partnership programs to Support You in Discovering Divine Connections and Serenity for Your Beautiful Spirit

Choose from the following one-on-one coaching programs with Kim. While these programs vary in length and some content options, all provide you the opportunity to experience:

  • clarity regarding your spiritual path, what stands in your way of walking that path, and in discovering what spiritual serenity represents to you personally
  • powerful spiritual tools and techniques to support you in co-creating a profound relationship with the God / Gods / Higher Power of your understanding
  • confidence in discerning / recognizing spiritual guidance, and utilizing it in enhancing all areas of your life
  • the ability to powerfully utilize spiritual practices and an enriching connection with the God(s) of your understanding to positively transform all areas of your life and work
  • the steadfast support of an experienced coach who is also walking her own unique spiritual journey, and who will joyfully witness your progress, compassionately support you with empathy and encouragement, and provide you with customized guidance and action steps to help you in co-creating a spiritual life that you love

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