Coaching with Kim (9)

What is coaching?

Here’s my personal definition of what coaching entails. Coaching is a practical, powerful and transformative process through which the coaching client can gain steadfast support, deep clarity, and ideas, inspiration and resources that will assist him or her in leading a happier, more fulfilled and more passionate life. The coach will listen completely and deeply to what the client says (and doesn’t say), be a nonjudgmental and interested partner, ask powerful open-ended questions, hold the client accountable and give homework to help the client to achieve the results he or she desires.

A good coach is trained to listen to the client’s tone of voice, pauses, choice of words, and other auditory queues in order to best help the client. As a coach, I offer encouragement and love to my clients, as well as ideas, suggestions and advice when requested by the client. A coach can’t do the work for the client, but as a coach, I am a supportive partner and ally on the client’s journey of inspiration, achievement and self-discovery. Coaching is a powerful alliance and a tremendous catalyst for positive change. I find that I learn as much from coaching my clients as they learn themselves! For more details about coaching, including my coaching style, fees, and my coaching specialties, please visit the services page. I’d be honored to be your coach!

How long will it be before I begin experiencing positive results from coaching?

That depends on several factors that may come into play, but many clients report seeing positive results after their very first coaching session. Although I can’t tell you for certain how long it will take before you begin experiencing positive results for yourself, I guarantee you that with a sincere and passionate commitment, and through working in partnership with a skilled coach, you will definitely gain many positive benefits from the coaching experience!

How do I know that coaching would benefit me?

Coaching can be highly beneficial for almost anyone. Do you feel off balance in your life, like you have no time for yourself, or like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Do you long for a deep spiritual connection and relationship with the God of your understanding? Would you like to feel more worthy, empowered or excited about your life? Coaching can be exceedingly helpful in all these situations, and many others!

No matter your current circumstances or life situations, a coach is there to really “hear” you and assist you in solving your problems and bettering your life in a supportive and compassionate manner. A coach can help you with successful goal attainment, generating more creativity and new ideas, and becoming happier and more empowered. As a spiritual fulfillment coach, I can also assist you in learning to live a deep and fulfilling spiritual life. It’s often much easier to talk with a coach about situations in your life than it would be to talk to a family member or your best friend, because a coach is nonjudgmental, neutral and intent on helping you to see the big picture and lead a life that fulfills you.

What kinds of clients do you coach?

I coach people, (especially women), who are willing and eager to explore who they are, what they want, and the many possibilities that lie open to them on their life’s journey. They long to discover a deep sense of themselves… their gifts, talents and purposes. Many of them long to gain a deeper relationship with the God of their understanding, and / or their angels. My clients have open minds and open hearts, and they are also open to new ideas and ways of viewing their situations and circumstances. They are passionate, sincere and caring individuals who wish to serve in their own special way. They are people who are creative, dreamers, doers, and / or lovers of spirituality. All of my clients have brought me great joy in working together with them, and I’m deeply honored that our paths converged. Each client is a great blessing in my life.

How can I find out whether you’re the right coach for me?

The best way to know whether I’m the right coach for you is to experience coaching with me first hand. Please contact me to arrange a free forty-five minute Personal Fulfillment Taster Session, in which I’ll answer your coaching-related questions, we can get to know each other a bit, and you can experience my coaching style, and the power and practicality of coaching for yourself. If, at the end of our session together, we both feel that a coaching relationship together would be a good fit for both of us, then we can joyfully prepare for our coaching partnership. If we feel that another coach might be a better fit for you, then I’d be happy to make a recommendation for you.

How long should I coach with you?

I highly recommend that my clients make a commitment to coach with me for a minimum of three months. I’ve found that this time frame allows for maximum results from the coaching relationship. Because coaching can help in such a wide variety of situations, it’s easy for most clients to find areas that they would like to be coached through. Many people decide they would like to continue coaching long after the three months are up, because they find coaching to be so powerful and beneficial for them. Some people stay with their coach for years, because they can’t imagine their lives without that supportive alliance.

In our coaching sessions together, will you advise me as to what choices I should make, what direction I should take, or what I should do or not do in my life?

Generally, coaches don’t advise or make suggestions to their clients. However, if a client does request that I advise him or her, and / or if I feel that a client could truly benefit from the advice I could offer them, then I’ll be happy to share with my client from my own personal experience. If I truly feel that something I’ve discovered or experienced would be beneficial and / or helpful for my clients to hear, then I’m happy to assist in that way, if my client is interested, and grants me permission to share with them in that way.

Will what happens in our sessions be kept confidential?

Absolutely! Our sessions will always be safe and sacred times in which you can openly share your thoughts and feelings, without any fear of being judged or condemned. The only time when I would not honor confidentiality, is if I thought you were being harmed, or if I thought you were going to do harm to yourself or someone else. Then, of course, I would have to report this to the proper authorities.

Do you offer any kind of support to clients in-between sessions?

Yes. You’re both encouraged and most welcome to send me emails in-between our sessions, if you have any questions or if anything comes up that you’d like to update me on or tell me about.  Kim@KimLoftis.com

General (1)

I have an additional question that is not answered on this page. What do I do?

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me, and I’ll do my best to answer them for you. Thank you!

Guided Meditations (1)

I ordered a meditation product from you. When can I expect to receive it?

Meditation scripts may take up to ten business days to create, depending on the particular client and his or her individual needs and wishes regarding the script. A customized meditation MP3 may take as long as twenty-one business days to create. Customized meditation products are a real labor of love from me to you, and I assure you that they’ll be worth the time it takes to create and receive them.

Payment Logistics (2)

Can I pay you in some form other than PayPal?

Yes, if you let me know before sending payment, you’re welcome to send me cash (at your own risk), a money order (in US funds only), or a personal check in US dollars. Your check must clear before we schedule your session.

Do I need to pay you before our session together?

Yes, please get payment to me prior to our session together, unless we’ve made other arrangements beforehand.

Session Logistics (8)

Are phone sessions really effective?

Yes, phone sessions are very effective. As a coach, I can pick up on many auditory queues over the phone that greatly assist me in coaching my clients. When coaching via phone, it is often much easier to address the agenda that the client brings to the session, because the coach and client don’t have the various visual judgments or distractions that might crop up in an in-person session. Many people find that they are far more comfortable talking about themselves via phone than face to face. Also, phone sessions are extremely convenient for both my clients and myself, as I can work with clients outside my local area, and internationally.

I’ve called you, but you aren’t answering. What do I do?

If you call and I don’t answer right away, wait for my voicemail, (which should pick up after no more than five rings). Please leave me a clear message, containing your name, phone number and email address if applicable, and I’ll contact you within 24 hours of receiving your voicemail.

Do you call me for my session or do I call you?

Please call me promptly at are scheduled appointment time. You will be responsible for any long distance charges. I look forward to working with you!

During what hours do you schedule appointments?

Hours during which I will schedule appointments include Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM, and between 7 PM and 10 PM, Eastern time. If none of these times work for you, please contact me, and we’ll do our best to work something out that’s convenient for both of us.

What happens if I have to miss our session?

If you must miss a session, please contact me at least 24 hours ahead of our scheduled appointment, and we can reschedule. If it’s an emergency, and you’re unable to contact me prior to your missed session, please get in touch with me as soon as possible, and we can work something out. I understand that sometimes these things can’t be avoided!

How do you prepare for a coaching session?

Before every coaching session, I take a few minutes to relax, clear my mind and center myself. I also say a little prayer before each session, asking God to guide me in best assisting my client, and granting me the ability to be at my very best as a person and as a coach. I also pray that God will bless and stand with my client. Prayer is one of my great passions, and I truly feel that my relationship with, and reliance upon the God of my understanding helps me to be the most effective coach I can be.

How should I prepare for a session with you?

If at all possible, just take a little quiet time to get comfortable, and center yourself, pray or reflect. Still your mind. Decide on your agenda for our upcoming session. In other words, think about any situations, thoughts or problems you’d like to bring to the session, and what you’d like to accomplish during our time together.

Do you offer any kind of support to clients in-between sessions?

Yes. You’re both encouraged and most welcome to send me emails in-between our sessions, if you have any questions or if anything comes up that you’d like to update me on or tell me about.  Kim@KimLoftis.com