How do I know that coaching would benefit me?

Coaching can be highly beneficial for almost anyone. Do you feel off balance in your life, like you have no time for yourself, or like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Do you long for a deep spiritual connection and relationship with the God of your understanding? Would you like to feel more worthy, empowered or excited about your life? Coaching can be exceedingly helpful in all these situations, and many others!

No matter your current circumstances or life situations, a coach is there to really “hear” you and assist you in solving your problems and bettering your life in a supportive and compassionate manner. A coach can help you with successful goal attainment, generating more creativity and new ideas, and becoming happier and more empowered. As a spiritual fulfillment coach, I can also assist you in learning to live a deep and fulfilling spiritual life. It’s often much easier to talk with a coach about situations in your life than it would be to talk to a family member or your best friend, because a coach is nonjudgmental, neutral and intent on helping you to see the big picture and lead a life that fulfills you.

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About Kim Loftis

Kim Loftis is the Spiritual Serenity Coach, joyfully assisting her clients in forging deep and lasting connections with the God / Goddess / Gods of their understanding, while utilizing transformational, highly-personalized spiritual practices to enhance and empower all areas of their lives. Kim's passion is to assist you in teaching your spirit to shine at it's brightest, while using Divine guidance to light every step of your path.