In our coaching sessions together, will you advise me as to what choices I should make, what direction I should take, or what I should do or not do in my life?

Generally, coaches don’t advise or make suggestions to their clients. However, if a client does request that I advise him or her, and / or if I feel that a client could truly benefit from the advice I could offer them, then I’ll be happy to share with my client from my own personal experience. If I truly feel that something I’ve discovered or experienced would be beneficial and / or helpful for my clients to hear, then I’m happy to assist in that way, if my client is interested, and grants me permission to share with them in that way.

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About Kim Loftis

Kim Loftis is the Spiritual Serenity Coach, joyfully assisting her clients in forging deep and lasting connections with the God / Goddess / Gods of their understanding, while utilizing transformational, highly-personalized spiritual practices to enhance and empower all areas of their lives. Kim's passion is to assist you in teaching your spirit to shine at it's brightest, while using Divine guidance to light every step of your path.