What is coaching?

Here’s my personal definition of what coaching entails. Coaching is a practical, powerful and transformative process through which the coaching client can gain steadfast support, deep clarity, and ideas, inspiration and resources that will assist him or her in leading a happier, more fulfilled and more passionate life. The coach will listen completely and deeply to what the client says (and doesn’t say), be a nonjudgmental and interested partner, ask powerful open-ended questions, hold the client accountable and give homework to help the client to achieve the results he or she desires.

A good coach is trained to listen to the client’s tone of voice, pauses, choice of words, and other auditory queues in order to best help the client. As a coach, I offer encouragement and love to my clients, as well as ideas, suggestions and advice when requested by the client. A coach can’t do the work for the client, but as a coach, I am a supportive partner and ally on the client’s journey of inspiration, achievement and self-discovery. Coaching is a powerful alliance and a tremendous catalyst for positive change. I find that I learn as much from coaching my clients as they learn themselves! For more details about coaching, including my coaching style, fees, and my coaching specialties, please visit the services page. I’d be honored to be your coach!

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About Kim Loftis

Kim Loftis is the Spiritual Serenity Coach, joyfully assisting her clients in forging deep and lasting connections with the God / Goddess / Gods of their understanding, while utilizing transformational, highly-personalized spiritual practices to enhance and empower all areas of their lives. Kim's passion is to assist you in teaching your spirit to shine at it's brightest, while using Divine guidance to light every step of your path.