Will what happens in our sessions be kept confidential?

Absolutely! Our sessions will always be safe and sacred times in which you can openly share your thoughts and feelings, without any fear of being judged or condemned. The only time when I would not honor confidentiality, is if I thought you were being harmed, or if I thought you were going to do harm to yourself or someone else. Then, of course, I would have to report this to the proper authorities.

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About Kim Loftis

Kim Loftis is the Spiritual Serenity Coach, joyfully assisting her clients in forging deep and lasting connections with the God / Goddess / Gods of their understanding, while utilizing transformational, highly-personalized spiritual practices to enhance and empower all areas of their lives. Kim's passion is to assist you in teaching your spirit to shine at it's brightest, while using Divine guidance to light every step of your path.