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In each issue of Spiritual Serenity Spiritual Serenity Heartsong, I will open with a quote, poem or lyric, which I have found inspiring and uplifting. I hope they will inspire you, as well! Today, I’m sharing a great quote that reminds us of the importance of counting our blessings. Enjoy.

“It is always wise to stop wishing for things long enough to enjoy the fragrance of those now flowering.”
~ Patrice Gifford


Welcome to today’s issue of Spiritual Serenity Spiritual Serenity Heartsong! As much as I enjoy the Summer months, I must tell you that I’m greatly anticipating the coming of Fall! Spring and Fall are my favorite of the seasons, partially because of the mild weather. I think each season has it’s magic, however, and no matter which hemisphere you’re in, I hope you’re enjoying the special seasonal beauty around you.

I have an exciting teleclass coming up for you on Wednesday, August 22, at 9:00 PM eastern time. The title is Let Go to Grow, and it will teach you how to relinquish your fears while you release, let go and let God. Sound difficult? It’s easier if you have a few helpful tools, which I’ll be providing in this class! It’ll be a great experience, so be sure to register right away. The class will be recorded, and all registered participants will receive an MP3 of the class to enjoy whenever they’d like. The class will also be offered on Thursday, September 20, at 7:00 PM eastern time, so if you want to register for that class time now, please drop me an email and I’ll go ahead and send you the information. I look forward to hearing you in class!

Until next time, enjoy the rest of today’s issue, and I send you all my love!



A lighthouse serves as a beacon of hope in a violent storm. A lighthouse sheds light on our worries and troubles, and brings us joy and peace. Therefore, in each Spiritual Serenity Spiritual Serenity Heartsong issue, I will include an article, which will help to guide you through the dark and troubled times, or lighten and brighten your heart and life in a special way. In today’s Lighthouse article, we’re going to take a closer look at the great value to be found when we remember to count our blessings.

An Abundance of Blessings

Do you ever have those days when everything seems to go wrong from the start? I had one of those a few weeks ago… everything that could have gone wrong that day did, or so I saw it at the time. Before noon, I was practically wallowing in my negativity and self-pity. By the time I went to bed that night, I was downright depressed. Why did these things happen to me? What could I do to make tomorrow better?

My answer and solution came the following morning. On awakening, I was greeted by a chorus of glorious birdsong. The early morning sunshine slanted through the window, and the crickets were sleepily adding their voices to the birds’ chorus. I thought, “Wow, what the heck was I so depressed about last night? Life is sweet!” I couldn’t help but smile then at the beautiful simplicity of life’s little joys. I immediately thanked God for those simple and beautiful blessings, and my spirits lifted at once.

When our minds and hearts are assaulted by feelings of self-pity, anger, jealousy or self-loathing, we tend to forget just how lucky we are. If you’re reading this newsletter, that makes you literate, and that, in turn, makes you incredibly fortunate. The written word truly opens us up on countless levels to tons of wonderful and thought-provoking information, and so many people don’t have the opportunity to experience that magic.

I was changing my sheets in the sweltering heat the other day, and had the urge to complain to myself around it. I turned that thought around, however, and thanked God that I had clean sheets to change and a snug, comfortable bed to sleep on.

Sure, life can be difficult, and we all have stressors, worries and anxieties. Nevertheless, all of us have something in our lives that we can be grateful for if we really take the time to think about it. In college, I remember hearing a story of a psychologist who asked his client what he was thankful for. The client said, “My life’s a mess… I have nothing to be grateful for.” The psychologist replied, “Sure you do. You’re alive, aren’t you?”

Remembering our blessings helps us to increase our happiness, bolster our gratitude and keep life in perspective. I truly believe that life and the world has so many wonderful surprises and little miracles to show us, if we’ll only look for and acknowledge them. This isn’t to say that we should try to think positive 100% of the time or ignore all the pain and sadness in the world. I personally don’t think that’s a useful solution for me. However, when we remember that there is beauty, there is goodness and there are people, situations and gifts in our lives that bring us joy, this truly makes life a whole lot sweeter and brighter.

Assignment: Take some quiet time when you’ll be undisturbed, and create a list of the blessings in your life. It doesn’t matter how silly, trivial or small they may seem… they’re your blessings, and this list is for you, so write them down! See if you can list a hundred blessings. If you can’t make it to a hundred, think of as many blessings as you can. Keep working on your list and adding to it when you think of more blessings. If you get to a hundred and have more blessings, add them! It’s amazing how much joy and awe a list like this will bring to your life! You may even want to have a special journal or notebook in which to record your abundance of blessings. Enjoy the process, and be blessed!


In this section of the newsletter, I will provide tips to help you to bring your own creativity, spirituality and unique talents into your everyday life, and, more specifically, into your home.

An Amazing Boy Named Kirk

I learned about Kirk several weeks ago through Dr. Joe Vitale. He’s a totally amazing young man, and I felt very honored to get an opportunity to donate to his cause. Perhaps you may, as well.

Kirk suffered a pediatric stroke, also known as a CVA (cardiovascular accident), soon after his birth. Now, at seven, he is involved in an intensive integrated therapy approach designed by a highly qualified, hand-picked therapy team of physicians, therapists and legal advisors to meet the unique needs of the specific areas of injury to Kirk’s brain that resulted due to the stroke. No two brain injuries are exactly alike.

Kirk simply radiates love; I was so deeply touched by his story, and thought you might want to learn about him, too. To discover more about Kirk, see adorable photos and support Kirk’s therapy with a contribution, please visit this link.


Each issue of Spiritual Serenity Spiritual Serenity Heartsong will feature a prayer, either from my own heart, one which I hold dear in my own life, or one suggested to me by others. I hope they will speak to your spirit, as well.

“How great is your goodness, dear Lord!
Blessed are you forever!
May all created things praise you, O God,
for loving us so much that we can truthfully speak
of your fellowship with mankind, even in this earthly exile;
and however virtuous we may be,
our virtue always depends on your great warmth
and generosity, dear Lord.
Your bounty is infinite.
How wonderful are your works!”
~St. Teresa of Avila


Until our next issue, contemplate your many blessings. Start each day by giving thanks to Spirit for all the good in your life. You’ll feel great for doing it!

Love, Light and Blessings,

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