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Please enjoy my song, “Freedom From Fear”, from Music Note Podcast Imagemy upcoming CD, “The Beauty of The Storm.” I wrote this piece as a means to calm my own fears and anxieties, and to serve as a constant reminder of my deep and loving relationship with God.

I hope this little song, and the upcoming CD, “The Beauty of The Storm”, will be a blessing and comfort to all those who hear it. If people can gain strength, encouragement and inspiration from my songs, then I will be truly blessed, indeed. Enjoy the song, and please tell others about it, as well.

It is my great hope that this song will touch and inspire many people, and reassure all of us how deeply God loves us, and that we are never alone, even during our deepest fears.  Thanks so much for listening, and keep your eyes and ears open for details of the release of “The Beauty of The Storm!”