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At Angelspeake you may experience an

Angel Reading

Trudy Griswold
.  Learn more about

Spiritual Coaching

meditation CDs

downloadable MP3s



Tips Booklets
, as well as free goodies in the form

Angelic Connections
from Angelspeakers,

Ask the Angels

Post Scripts
from the Other Side, the

Four Fundamentals
and The

Angels Speak

Ask An Angel, Free resources for connecting with
your angels
This is a beautiful, inspiring website with angel
messages that are updated regularly and a free monthly
angel newsletter. Practical, insightful information; the
energy of the angels really comes through. Also with
info on angel expert and author Christopher Dilts,
individual angel sessions, classes, and meditations by
phone, and workshops. Ask an angel a question and have
it answered on Christopher’s column on!

Visit Ask an Angel


Lots of wonderful meditations for download here,
guaranteed to assist you in leading a happier, healthier
life. Check out the FREE Audio Download of the
beautiful and critically acclaimed ‘Secret Garden’ Guided Meditation! Please know that if you order anything through this link, I will receive a commission.

Soul Kisses with
Kate Large

Spiritual affirmations

angel photos

in photos
angels in clouds,

spiritual journey
support and

physical world
tools are included in the
Soul Kisses website. 
tools are in the form of e-courses for
law of attraction
and a workbook based on

Florence Scovel Shinn
‘s The Game of Life.  Experience
connecting with

deceased loved ones
as well as
Communicating with

Communicating Through Dementia
with our guided CDs or MP3

Visions of Heaven
A spiritual oasis to enrich the mind and soothe the
soul. Here you’ll find Free weekly messages from the
angels, free angel blessing e-cards, articles,
references, an angel playroom with free readings,
prayers, and so much more!

Visit Visions of Heaven with Ann Albers


Coach Ingrid
Ingrid Schweickert is a life coach living
in Richmond, VA.

Learn more about Ingrid’s wonderful coaching services

True Freedom Coaching
Practical, penetrating, and inspiring life coaching,
relationship counseling, youth mentoring, and life
purpose guidance by phone for people who want to live an
AWESOME life, at all levels. Visit the site to read free
articles, and schedule your free session, and get “One
Question that will Change your Life!

Visit True Freedom Coaching


Alice Olsen
Alice is a singer, composer, arranger and music
publisher. Her amazing CD, Lead Me To The Light, is in
regular rotation in my stereo!

Be soothed and inspired by Alice’s music

German born composer and musician Angelika, composes
wonderful music to touch your heart and lift your

Check out Angelika’s beautiful and healing music

Constance Demby
Constance Demby creates some of the most heavenly,
inspiring and enthralling music you will ever hear. I
can’t recommend her highly enough!

Experience the Heavenly music of Constance Demby

Sharon Drury
Genie is a pianist and composer of some of the most Heavenly, soothing and relaxing music you’ll ever experience.
Her music is sure to touch your heart.

Experience the comfort and peace of Sharon’s music

Marcey Hamm
Marcey, who has survived three near-death
experiences, composes the beautiful and enchanting music
that she heard during those experiences. Known as "the
sleeping composer", she goes into her studio alone,
falls asleep, and when she awakens the music is created.
Gorgeous music responsible for many extraordinary
healings and miracles!

Listen to Marcey’s transformative music

Marina Raye
Marina Raye is often called “the feminine voice of the
native flute.” Her music is exquisite, and is often
accompanied by the sounds of nature. Awesome!

Allow Marina’s music to bring serenity to your soul

Mia Margaret
Mia Margaret (Angelica) creates heavenly music to
carry you away to enchanting realms!

Be transported by Mia’s angelic music

Real Music
This is the label of many excellent artists, with many
gorgeous CD’s to their credit. Check out the Real Music
Spa series… it’s wonderful!

Real Music

Shaina Noll
Shaina’s music is straight from her heart, and is a
real must for any collection. Check it out!

Be nurtured and inspired through Shaina’s music

Shawndeya composes beautiful, relaxing music for
flute and harp. She also has beautiful artwork and
meditation CD’s. Gorgeous!

Be enchanted by Shawndeya’s music


Angel Scribe
Mary Ellen’s site includes wonderful angel stories
guaranteed to touch your heart.

Visit Mary Ellen, the Angel Scribe

The Automatic Flatterer

Need a smile, giggle and/or pick-me-up? This site will
do the trick! Click the link, and

Bone Sigh Arts
Terri creates amazing cards, prints and other art, which
also includes her achingly lovely poetry. They’d make
great gifts for your girlfriends, wives, mothers,
daughters, sisters, etc… and, for yourself!

Check out Terri’s inspiring work

Brennie’s Dreamscape & Spiritual
Spiritual inspirations including spiritual and love
poetry, positive thoughts and affirmations, uplifting
quotes, gratitude journal, a dream and sign forum,
wishing well and more thought provoking things to
inspire and uplift you.

Visit Brennie’s Dreamscape

The Conscious Living Foundation
We want to help you grow and improve according to your own desire to change. If you want to relax, improve
your mood, learn to meditate, improve your health, increase abundance or break free of old attitudes and feelings – we can help. Our site is full of inspiration
and encouragement at no cost. Browse our free e-books, free videos and audios, inspiring & encouraging quotations, affirmations and prayer pages.

Create With Intent :: Learn to Create With Focused Intent
We all create our realities with our thoughts, intentions and words, but
most of us do it with habitual and negative thinking and speaking. shows how to create positively, by focusing your
thoughts, words and intentions on what you want instead of what you fear or
Learn to Create with Intent

Daily Guideposts – Your Source of Inspiration
Daily Guideposts – Your Daily Source of Inspiration. Motivating stories,
daily devotionals, faith, spirituality, positive thinking, prayer, and
Daily Guideposts

Daily Inspiration
Your source for daily inspiration in the form of inspiration sayings, poems
and inspirational quotations.
Daily Inspiration

The Daily Motivator
Messages of motivation and inspiration by Ralph
Marston. Excellent site!

The Daily Motivator

Daily Word
Powerful, beautiful and uplifting messages to assist you
in growing closer with God and bringing your
spirituality into all aspects of your life.

Be touched and inspired through the Daily Word messages

The Doorway
The inspiring essays and poetry of Charles Heineke. Read
them on the site, or listen to Charles narrate them!

The Doorway

free motivational program
Free motivational program

Practical Steps To Greater Peace, Hope, Love And
Wonderful site to assist women to reconnect with our inner goddesses. Tons of
goddess info, affirmations, articles, goddess ebooks, and much more!
Discover your inner Goddess

Personal Development – Tools for

Resources for personal development and transformation of
body, mind and spirit. Includes the online book
Transforming the Mind and many worthwhile free

Wonderful tools for transformation is the most complete guide to information about Self
-Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed
to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of
other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.

Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett is public radio’s conversation
about religion, meaning, ethics, and ideas. Each week, Tippett probes the
myriad ways in which religious impulses inform every aspect of life and
culture, nationally and globally.
Speaking of Faith

Awaken your spirit at!
A unique collection of spiritual short stories that awaken your spirit and
remind us of the inner truths within us all.  

Be inspired by Spiritual Short Stories

Spiritual Sisters
Inspirational articles from many writers, to uplift
and inspire you!

Spiritual Sisters

A marvelous yahoogroup, sure to inspire you…
fantastic messages and wonderful people.

Spiritually Speaking

The Voice of God
If you want to experience
universal mind
, and more love
in your life, The Voice for Love teaches how to hear
the Holy Spirit,
the Voice of God
within. Inspired by
A Course
in Miracles
, it offers
to hear God’s voice

meditation techniques
meditation for
, and
guided meditations with God
. If you are a
Joyce Meyer or
Gary Renard
fan, it also offers
inspirational flash movies

inspirational messages
, and a place to
online prayer requests

The Way of The Heart
Inspirational site in German and English

The Way of the Heart

Wisdom Magazine

Wisdom Magazine

World Prayers
Enjoy this wide selection of prayers from many
spiritual faiths, and submit your own favorite prayers
to this fantastic site.

Powerful prayers from around the world


The Blue Ridge Soap Shed
Hand made scented and unscented soaps, made right
here in the mountains of western NC. I use their
products, and can’t recommend them highly enough!

Fabulous soaps from the Blue Ridge Soap Shed
Wonderful meditation supplies, including cushions,
pillows, benches, yoga mats and much more, made right
here in North Carolina, just a stone’s throw from my
home! I own their products, and they’re awesome!
High-quality meditation products


Success, Music, Affirmations

Motivational Products

Cate Cavanagh
Cate Cavanagh is a highly respected author, columnist,
and spiritual practitioner. Visit her inspirational
site, where you can read some of her wonderful writing,
and purchase her services.

Visit Cate here

Christine Thomas, personal life
Christine is my wonderful, fantastic, compassionate and transformative personal life coach residing in

Visit Christine here


All Spiritual Directory

Dreamscape Directory
Eclectic collection of spiritual websites covering all
topics of spirituality and religion, metaphysics and new
age. There is something here for all beliefs, faiths,
practices and seekers.

Explore the dreamscape Directory