My Coaching Style

My coaching style is compassionate, caring and open. I believe that each individual is precious and unique, and I strive to provide coaching sessions as special and unique as my clients themselves. Sessions with me are filled with warmth and often laughter, and I am always open with and respectful of my clients.

Coaching is an exciting journey, and also an ongoing process. Therefore, I highly recommend that my clients make a minimum three-month commitment to coaching, in order to gain the greatest benefit.

After experiencing my own first three months of coaching, I was amazed and delighted at the transformations occurring in my life, both internally and externally. With your sincere commitment and focus, I can assist you in experiencing similar results! Let’s work together to transform all aspects of your life through coaching!

Here is an overview of the different kinds of coaching I offer:

The Packages that I offer are below. Please click on them to find out more about each one of them.