My Mission and Sincere Promise to You

Through partnering with you as your coach, I can assist you in:

  • Becoming empowered to heal the pain, barriers and blocks in your life
  • Taking steps towards creating a wonderful, meaningful and prosperous future
  • Learning to forgive yourself and others
  • Living in your own authentic integrity
  • Discovering the truly beautiful person that you are
  • Finding powerful ways to manage and / or reduce your stress and anxiety levels
  • Making spiritual growth and spiritual practices vital and joyful parts of your daily life
  • Discovering and cultivating a deep and gratifying relationship with the God of your understanding
  • Gaining more joy, peace and fulfillment in your life

I bring enthusiasm, compassion and sincerity to all aspects of my life and work. I rely on Spirit’s wisdom and love to guide me in all that I say and do. I am devoted to assisting and empowering my clients through patience, love, compassion and understanding. I believe that each of us has unique gifts, and a unique path and purpose in life, and I delight in helping my clients to discover their own gifts, path and purpose.

I am devoted to maintaining a safe, comfortable and positive environment in which to assist my clients. As my client, you can look forward to sessions filled with love, humor and growth. I promise you, as my client, that I will always deeply listen with an open heart and mind, delight in your successes and celebrations, and lovingly support you through any tough times. I wish to help you to discover, or rediscover the joy, spiritual fulfillment, purpose, peace and abundance that you desire and deserve!

You are incredibly special, greatly gifted and filled with wisdom to contribute to your world in your own unique way. As your coach, I want to assist you in discovering and cultivating your many gifts and great wisdom, and in recognizing just how important and special you truly are. How may I assist you today?


Important Note: 
Please understand that I serve as a guide and facilitator, helping my clients to discover ways with which they must facilitate their own growth and evolvement. As a coach, I am honored to serve as a loving partner, but it is the client, not the coach, who must take responsibility for making the necessary shifts and changes that will lead to his or her growth. I can help a client to get to that point, but I can’t make those changes and / or shifts for my clients. I can, however, assist my clients in finding tools and techniques with which to discover the direction, choices, and/or answers that work best for them. My relationship with my clients is a co-creative relationship. In other words, I assist my clients in learning to better assist themselves, and serve as a loving partner, guide and friend upon their journey of self-growth and self-discovery.

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Packages that I offer: