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What are Prayersongs?

Prayersongs are melodic, unaccompanied, interfaith songs, co-created with and inspired by Spirit and the life-altering shifts and discoveries that a deep, one-on-one relationship with the God or Gods of your understanding provides in day-to-day life. I have been gifted with Prayersongs as a means to powerfully support you in gaining a profound, transformative and infinitely loving relationship with God, (Creator, Spirit, Goddess, or however you term your higher power). Prayersongs also provide a powerful method for maintaining a deep sense of serenity, calmness and well-being long after you’ve listened to the final notes. They incorporate elements of both prayer and song, which is why I chose to call them Prayersongs.

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From A Space of Openness

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What others are saying:
“I love your song! [“Freedom from Fear”] It’s fantastic, Kim. I just want to keep listening to it so I need it on a CD. It’s perfect and definitely ready to be out in the world. You are awesome! This song is exquisite!”
Ellen S


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What Makes Prayersongs so Powerful?

The human voice can serve as an incredible instrument for change, and when it’s lifted up in song, I have found that there is an immediate positive shift that takes place in our moods, emotional well-being and sense of tranquility. Additionally, Prayersongs also incorporate interfaith lyrics about a loving, compassionate Higher Power who is constantly available to guide, love and assist us. There is also a huge amount of loving, healing energy that is transmitted through each Prayersong. The energy differs depending on the Prayersong; sometimes it is gentle and nurturing, sometimes vibrant and uplifting, but its effects can be truly spectacular catalysts for great growth, fulfillment and joy.

Click on the player to hear me share more about how Prayersongs came into being, the Prayersong offerings I’ve made available for you, and how they can uplift your life.

What others are saying:
“WOW! Oh Kim, I feel so blessed to have received this. Beautiful, absolutely perfect and your healing energy is fully transmitted! No doubt about you – you are a conduit and your voice is the pathway…humbled…”
Anita Pathik Law

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How can Listening to Prayersongs Benefit Me?

Some of the many benefits of Prayersongs include:

  • Increased serenity, calmness and well-being, no matter the situation or outward circumstances
  • A profound awareness of just how much you are loved, cherished and supported by the God of your understanding
  • Increased personal and spiritual fulfillment, faith and happiness
  • The knowledge that you are being wrapped in arms of comfort, love and peace
  • Increased energy, focus and concentration
  • Assistance in releasing those blocks, beliefs and emotions that do not serve you
  • Greater self-love, self-worth and forgiveness
  • The ability to treat yourself and others with greater kindness, compassion and care
  • Reduced stress, anxiety and fear
  • The ability to experience calmness and peace amidst your daily challenges
  • Greater clarity, inspiration and motivation
  • An increased ability to embrace life with a joyful, open heart
  • Comfort, serenity and nurturing during periods of grief, uncertainty and / or struggle
  • Recognition of, and gratitude for, all the blessings already in your life
  • Much more

What others are saying:
“Oh, Kim, this is so exquisite….I feel my energy shift as I sang along with you in my heart, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I just soaked up all of the love energy. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Very moved…”
Karen Collier Arbel

“WOW, Kim! What an amazing, powerful, BEAUTIFUL Prayersong it is — AND your voice is all the same words in a whole different way!! You resonated with the words you sang in such a way that you EMBODIED the Words for us, our group. . . WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!! I would be speechless, but I can still type exclamation marks, LOL!!! I am SO Honored for your sharing this with us. . . This is not just your calling, Kim. . . *This is your gift and mission!* How gorgeous — THANK you, thank you!”
Jana Socha


Click here to view all of the Prayersongs bundles that are available.

Prayersongs for All Occasions

The versatility of Prayersongs is truly unique. Not only are they interfaith in nature, and so can be enjoyed by those of any spiritual or religious belief system, but they also encompass a wide variety of topics and situations. With the loving guidance and assistance of Spirit, I’ve composed and recorded Prayersong bundles to support you in:

  • Creating a greater and more vibrant prosperity consciousness, thereby attracting more of what you desire in your life and less of what you don’t!
  • Increasing your joy, hope and feelings of worthiness.
  • Remembering your value as a beloved child of God.
  • Releasing all that no longer serves you.
  • Freeing yourself of fear and replacing it with peace and grace.
  • Experiencing gratitude for all the blessings, happiness and growth that is already part of your life, and opening to experience even more.
  • Knowing the comfort of Spirit’s presence.
  • Creating a vibrant, joy-filled business that fulfills your purpose and makes your heart sing.
  • Laughing, smiling and having more fun, more often!
  • Much more! New Prayersongs and bundles are coming into being all the time!


What others are saying:
“Your Prayersong [“God’s Lullaby”] touches my heart so much. What an amazing message of Love! I am so Grateful that you shared this with me. – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. What a Gift and Blessing Creator has granted you, and Thank you so much for sharing that Gift with me (us). This is the beginning of a Blessed journey for you, a new career honoring our Creator, God through your music. I see it as a very successful career.”
Gloria Sisneros

“Wow, stunningly beautiful. I just vibrate when I listen to these. I’m pretty established with “From a Space of Openness.” I’ve been praying the daily offices and I use that before I start much of the time. It adds a richness to my prayer experience to start that way.”
Mary-Elise Haug


Click here to view all of the Prayersongs bundles that are available.

Custom Prayersongs

In addition to the many Prayersongs bundles being co-created regularly, I am honored to offer custom Prayersongs exclusively for you, to assist with your own specific desire, situation or circumstances.


What others are saying:
“I love my custom Prayersong. The melody is haunting, and very singable. The lyrics soothe my soul. I play it on repeat a lot! I have a really stressful job, in addition to being a really busy wife and mommy. My Prayersong puts me into a relaxed place of sweetness from which I can truly feel the presence of Goddess in my life. I especially love using my Prayersong when I’m sitting for meditation, and when I’m having trouble sleeping.”
Ellie E


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Final Thoughts

I offer Prayersongs to you as a labor of love, and I am humbled and honored to be a conduit for them. It is my prayer that they bring joy to your heart, serenity to your soul and much love to your life. Thank you for your interest and support, and I wish you abundant blessings, now and always!