Angelic Prayersongs Bundle

Are you open to experiencing deep love, gentle wisdom and peace-filled angelic guidance on a daily basis?

Dear Friend,

which of the following statements are true for you?

  • You are feeling unclear, unsure or fearful concerning your life direction or next steps
  • You would love to be able to tap into kind guidance, loving support and joyful companionship at any time of day
  • You have always been drawn to angels, believe in their power and presence, and would love to have a connection to your own angelic team
  • You have read books, listened to meditations, and pulled oracle cards to help you in establishing a connection to your angels, and now you’re open to an even deeper / stronger relationship with them
  • You know in your heart that a deep friendship wit your angels can enhance / transform your life in amazing, miraculous ways

If any of the above statements resonate with your heart, I would like to lovingly share a powerful healing tool to support you in forging a profoundly-loving friendship with your angelic team, and opening to their love and support in all areas of your life.

Introducing: The Angelic Prayersongs Bundle

This Prayersong bundle includes seven transformative Prayersongs designed specifically to support you in:

  • Discovering a greater and deeper awareness of your angelic team, their presence in your life, and how they communicate with you
  • Knowing with confidence and certainty that your angels love you, are open to assisting / supporting you, and are always sharing guidance with you
  • Sharing a few minutes at the beginning and end of each day in connection and communication with your angelic team, and experiencing their loving presence
  • Opening to fully bask in the peace and love of your angels, no matter what your external circumstances may look like right now
  • Celebrating your growing connection and relationship with your angels

Click on the player to listen to a generous sampler mix of the Prayersongs in this bundle

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are you ready to welcome the love, guidance and friendship of your angels into your life? Use Prayersongs daily, and allow them to become a powerful, supportive catalyst on your journey!

Your investment for this transformative Prayersong bundle is $37.

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Thank you so much for choosing to support the Prayersongs mission! It is my hope and prayer that they support you in opening to experience the joys of your heart, and the life of your deepest dreams… and beyond.

Wishing you abundant, Spirit-filled success!

Kim Loftis
The Spiritual Serenity Coach