Custom Prayersongs

Custom Prayersongs to Support You in Discovering the Deep Peace, Spiritual Serenity, Increased Prosperity and Powerful Comfort You Seek

In addition to the many Prayersongs which I am regularly co-creating with Spirit, (click here to learn all about Prayersongs and discover the many bundles that are available to enhance your life), I am honored to offer customized Prayersongs exclusively for you, to assist with your own specific desires, situations and circumstances.

Custom Prayersongs may assist and support you in:

  • Reducing stress, tension and / or anxiety
  • Experiencing less sadness / fear / loneliness
  • Experiencing a tangible knowing of Spirit’s presence in your life
  • Deepening your prayer / meditation time
  • Bringing you increased peace, joy, energy, prosperity and tranquility
  • Helping you to develop a deeper relationship / greater communication with the God of your understanding
  • Supporting you during times of transition, grief and / or uncertainty
  • Bringing you clarity, understanding or a new / broader perspective
  • Supporting you in being happier, more joyful, more playful and more peaceful
  • Much More

Does the idea of having your own custom Prayersong speak to your heart?

Receive Your Custom Prayersong for $47


Is this Prayersong a gift?:

How it Works

To create your custom Prayersong:

  • I first learn a little about your desires, circumstances and / or situation, and discover what benefits you are seeking through a customized Prayersong. We can either meet for 15 minutes or so via phone or Skype for a conversation (totally confidential, of course), or I can send you a questionnaire to fill out and email back to me.
  • Then I go into heart-felt prayer and deep meditation to receive spiritual guidance on creating your Prayersong; what the lyrics may include, what emotions / energies will be conveyed through your piece, and so on
  • Finally, with the assistance and support of Spirit, I will record, edit and transcribe your custom Prayersong, and email you an audio file in the format of your choice (WAV or MP3) and the lyrics.


Receive Your Custom Prayersong for $47


Is this Prayersong a gift?:

Here’s what Deborah had to share about her custom Prayersong:
“OMG Kim – I simply don’t know what to say. I’m totally, totally, totally blown away!  The Prayersong is  absolutely perfect.  It’s SO beautiful, and infused with such glorious high-vibrational energies of love and joy and blessings, I’m literally transported.  Wow, wow, wow.  You are brilliant!  And such a gift!  I feel SO SO blessed.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

In love and joy.”

Deborah Weber>

Receive One-on-one Support After Your Purchase

Would you like personalized tips on how to utilize your custom Prayersong in your own unique circumstances? You will receive personalized email support from me after your Prayersong is created. Email me to receive personalized tips, techniques and practices to assist you in getting the most out of your Prayersong. Want to incorporate Prayersongs into your regular spiritual practice? I’d love to support you!


Receive Your Custom Prayersong for $47


Is this Prayersong a gift?:

Thank you for your interest in Prayersongs! I appreciate you!


Love and Blessings,