Prayersongs Bundle for Opening to Deep Prosperity

Do you dream of opening to a level of prosperity that uplifts your life in joyful, miraculous ways?

Dear Friend,

Are you currently experiencing any of the following in your own life?

  • You have enormous fear, anxiety and stress when it comes to making / keeping money and other forms of prosperity
  • It’s as if there’s never enough of anything… money, support, love, spiritual connection, fulfillment
  • You lack direction, and as a result feel hopeless and stuck
  • You feel like every time you’re able to take one step forward, you somehow end up three steps back
  • You’re willing to take action, but lack clarity and conviction on how to get results

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, I would like to lovingly share a powerful healing tool to support you in opening your heart, mind and spirit to achieving deep, rich prosperity in all areas of your life’s journey.

Introducing: Prayersongs for Opening to Deep Prosperity

This Prayersong bundle includes seven transformative Prayersongs designed specifically to support you in:

  • Gaining a deep awareness of the many layers of, and possibilities for, prosperity that are already in your life, and opening to more
  • Setting powerful and prayerful daily intentions which get wonderful results
  • Learning to believe in yourself and your co-creative power with the God of your understanding to bring wonderful, prosperous experiences into your life
  • Clearing the worry, doubt and fear from your mind so that you can connect with your next steps (and the God of your understanding) from a place of deep serenity
  • Discovering a deep assurance that Spirit is your source of supply and is always available to support you
  • Inviting more joy, play and relaxation into your life, thereby attracting more prosperity
  • Recognizing that you are capable, worthy and able to receive and share greater prosperity

Click on the player to listen to a generous sampler mix of the Prayersongs in this bundle

It’s time to open to an experience of prosperity, peace and grace that makes your heart sing with gratitude and joy! Use Prayersongs daily, and allow them to become a powerful, supportive catalyst on your journey!

Your investment for this transformative Prayersong bundle is $37.

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Thank you so much for choosing to support the Prayersongs mission! It is my hope and prayer that they support you in opening to experience the joys of your heart, and the life of your deepest dreams… and beyond.

Wishing you abundant, Spirit-filled success!

Kim Loftis
The Spiritual Serenity Coach