Prayersongs Bundle for Joy, Gratitude and Opening to Blessings

Would you like to open to experiencing greater joy, blessings and spiritual connection in your life?

Dear Friend,

Are you currently experiencing any of the following?

  • Your life feels dull, boring and stagnant
  • You’re going along from one day to the next feeling stuck, constricted and like you’re going nowhere fast
  • You long to open to more of the good stuff… joy, excitement, blessings, etc
  • You’ve forgotten what joy feels like
  • You feel like you’re in an unhappy holding pattern, and you’re seeking a way forward with the help of your higher power

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, I would like to lovingly share a powerful healing tool to support you in opening your heart, mind and spirit to greater joy, blessings and gratitude in all areas of your life.

Introducing: Prayersongs for Joy, Gratitude and Opening to Blessings

This Prayersong bundle includes seven transformative Prayersongs designed specifically to support you in:

  • Experiencing a deep awareness of the joy and blessings that already exist within you and your life, and opening to proactively invite in more
  • Opening to the experience of being filled with intense levels of joy, peace and love that make your soul sing
  • Clearly recognizing that the God of your understanding is your source of supply, and opening to joyfully receive
  • Opening to experience life-altering states of gratitude
  • Creating each day from a space of joy, love and peace, as you are cradled by the arms of Spirit
  • Inviting increased joy, blessings and success onto your life’s journey
  • Discovering the cycles of giving and receiving, opening to the flow, and becoming a conduit for blessings

Click on the player to listen to a generous sampler mix of the Prayersongs in this bundle

It’s time to open to an experience of joy, blessings and gratitude that makes your heart sing! Use Prayersongs daily, and allow them to become a powerful, supportive catalyst on your journey!

Your investment for this transformative Prayersong bundle is $37.

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Thank you so much for choosing to support the Prayersongs mission! It is my hope and prayer that they support you in opening to experience the joys of your heart, and the life of your deepest dreams… and beyond.

Wishing you abundant, Spirit-filled success!

Kim Loftis
The Spiritual Serenity Coach