Prayersongs Bundles

Prayersongs Bundles to Support You in Uplifting Your Life

In addition to the powerful custom Prayersongs that I offer, I also love creating transformative Prayersongs bundles to support you in leading a life you love while discovering and cultivating a deep, vibrant relationship with the God (s) of your understanding.

If you’re just discovering Prayersongs, you may wish to explore this page, where you can learn more about how Prayersongs can benefit you, and sign up to receive five complementary Prayersongs as my gift to you.

About prayersongs Bundles

Whether you are seeking to

  • Learn to open to and / or maintain greater prosperity in all areas of your life
  • Find peace, comfort and / or assurance during times of anxiety, stress or fear
  • Open to experience grater joy and gratitude
  • Celebrate the blessings and love in your life, and open to more
  • Release those things / people / situations which are not serving your highest growth / potential
  • Co-create a thriving business that serves others and makes your heart sing, hand in hand with Spirit
  • Open to a beautiful, loving and life-altering relationship with your angelic team
  • So much more

there are bundles here that can support you!

Each Prayersongs bundle includes:

  • Seven beautiful, powerful Prayersongs. All Prayersongs are interfaith co-creations between myself and Spirit, and all include beautiful melodies, inspiring, affirmative lyrics, and powerful energies that add an even deeper layer of transformation to this healing modality. You will be able to experience a generous sampler of all of each bundle’s included Prayersongs prior to purchasing.
  • A reverent audio prayer set to the gorgeous music of Sharon Drury. (Each Prayersong bundle has it’s own specific prayer which I created exclusively for that bundle). Open to the peace of the powerful prayer any time you wish to feel more calm, assured or empowered
  • A highly-detailed audio workshop that shares specifics about each included Prayersong, how each came to be co-created, results-oriented ways to utilize them to support your own life journey, and tips and tools to assist you to thrive with Spirit’s support. (Each workshop is between 20-35 minutes in duration)
  • The lyrics to each Prayersong, immediately downloadable in .txt format. Learn them, sing them, enjoy them!
  • A complementary subscription to my mailing list; be the first to receive updates on Prayersong bundles, and exclusive specials and discounts on both bundles and custom Prayersongs. You will also receive my bi-weekly newsletter, Spiritual Serenity Heartsong. (If you’re already a subscriber, don’t worry… you won’t be subscribed again. And you can always unsubscribe at any time, should you wish)
  • An audio guide discussing Prayersongs and their many uses and benefits. This is a general introduction to Prayersongs that you will find beneficial if you’re new to using them. It is included with all Prayersong bundles, and is just over 10 minutes in duration

Tips for Choosing Your Prayersong Bundles

In order to find the Prayersongs bundles that most resonate with you at this time, I suggest that you try some or all of the following:

  • Read the information and listen to the sampler mixes found on each bundle’s page
  • Tune into your intuition as you read / listen, and notice what guidance you receive as a result
  • Ask for the wisdom and guidance of the God(s) of your understanding, and / or your angelic team, to support you in making your choices
  • Follow your heart

And don’t forget that I also offer custom Prayersongs, created specifically for you. Click here to learn more.

Here are the Prayersongs bundles available to choose from

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Angelic Prayersongs Bundle
This bundle includes seven powerful Prayersongs to support you in co-creating a profoundly loving relationship with your angelic team.
Price: $37.00
Prayersongs Bundle for Release and Renewal
Seven powerful Prayersongs to support you in releasing what doesn't serve you, and experiencing renewal, joy and peace.
Price: $37.00
Prayersongs for Joy, Gratitude and Opening to Blessings
This bundle includes seven powerful Prayersongs to support you in opening to greater joy, gratitude and blessings.
Price: $37.00
Prayersongs Bundle for Opening to Deep Prosperity
This bundle includes seven powerful Prayersongs to support you in opening to greater levels of prosperity in all areas of your life.
Price: $37.00
Prayersongs Bundle for Comfort and Peace
This bundle includes seven powerful Prayersongs to open you to an experience of loving comfort, peace and Divine presence.
Price: $25.00
Prayersongs Bundle for Entrepreneurs
This bundle includes seven powerful Prayersongs to support you in growing a thriving, Spirit-inspired business that makes your heart sing.
Price: $37.00

New Prayersongs bundles are added regularly, so please check back!

Much Love,