Find Your Spiritual Serenity with The Serene Connections Coaching Program

New for 2013: Serene Connections Coaching Program

Experience the deep peace and profound spiritual connection you’ve been searching for.

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Kim Loftis

Dear friend and spiritual seeker,

Does your busy life keep you from discovering the spiritual serenity you crave?

Are you searching for a spiritual path, but aren’t quite sure what that would look / feel like for you?

Are you longing for a deeply meaningful relationship with the God / Goddess / Gods of your understanding, but don’t have a clue how to make that your reality?

Join me for serene connections Coaching!

This is my new coaching program for 2013, designed to help those of you who:

  • Are searching for clarity
  • Desire personalized building blocks to reach your spiritual goals
  • Are ready to reach out and fully experience the serenity and spiritual joy you’ve always wanted

Only 10 participants will be accepted!

What is Serene Connections coaching?

It’s a 12-session, deeply intensive coaching program where you work with me one-on-one to create transformative results in your personal and spiritual life. The 12 sessions of this program can unfold for up to a six-month period, providing a structure that assists you in sharply concentrating your focus for powerful and rapid results.

By discovering and cultivating serene spiritual connections, you experience peace, joy and fulfillment that transcend all areas of your life. You can create and explore your personal spiritual connection with the God(s) of your understanding, as well as with your own magnificent spirit.

Serene connections coaching will assist you in:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Discovering powerful methods to experience inner peace any time you wish
  • Exploring the unique ways in which you experience your own, highly-personalized connection with Spirit
  • Fully opening to connect with Spirit, and experiencing the life-altering benefits of this connection at any time
  • Recognizing and embracing your own spiritual needs and desires, and finding tangible, transformative, results-oriented methods to meet those needs and reach those desires
  • Experiencing greater peace, joy and spiritual guidance in your everyday life

Want to learn more?

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Before beginning my coaching with Kim, I was in a really bad place. It felt like I was at a crossroads in my life. On one side was a really dark path, and on the other side was a brighter, happier future. I had a foot in each door and was very lost. I was in a town I didn’t know and was surrounded by people I didn’t know. I was having severe conflicts with family members. I had no structure in my life. I was isolated, and didn’t feel like I had anybody. I was at a point where I had to either open up and figure out what was going on, or stay stuck where I was. My life was a mess. I wanted to get it back, but I had no idea how to do that. Kim was recommended to me, and she became the light in the tunnel that kept me from falling in the wrong direction.

Coaching with Kim gave me someone to talk to and share with, and that support helped to set my life on a better path. I could really open up to her. I’m a very routine type of person, and my coaching sessions with Kim became a part of my regular routine, which helped me to gain structure. No matter how bad something was, I knew that soon I was going to have my coaching time with Kim so I could talk about whatever was going on that I felt trapped by. Being able to connect with Kim and receive so many tools to help me to move in a better direction was life-changing for me. Kim could relate to me, and I knew that she really, authentically understood what I was going through. Talking with her grounded me. She kept it real, and was there for me. There was a lot of trust and support available to me in our coaching relationship.

As a result of coaching with Kim, I got back into a very good place. I was able to rebuild my relationships with my family members, some of which had been bad for years. I have learned that other people’s actions do not define how I feel. I have the choice about how I am going to feel about something. I use to be like a sponge, absorbing other people’s actions and emotions. I now know that I am not a sponge. I now realize that I have the choice to let things effect me or to accept them and move forward. I can now process things and let them go rather than holding onto emotions and feelings that don’t serve me. I have taken back my power. I am happy again. I now want to wake up and experience each new day knowing what it has to offer me. I know there will be obstacles, but at the same time I now know that I have the tools I need to face those obstacles head on and not fail.
Jessi Large

Here’s how the Serene Connections coaching program works

  1. You take a short survey (under five minutes) to apply for the program.
  2. If you’re a good match for the program, I invite you to experience a complimentary 60-minute program review session with me, where we’ll thoroughly explore serene connections Coaching and discover whether it’s the right fit for you. You’ll also receive increased clarity and suggested steps for your spiritual development journey, whether or not you choose to coach with me at this time. [Value: $300]
    There is no charge to apply for the program or to experience the program review session. There’s also no forcing you to join and no hard sell from me… ever. We’ll look at the benefits of this program in detail together, and if this is the best next step for you, we’ll both know it.
  3. After accepting your spot in the program, you will choose your payment plan, and I will email you your Spiritual serenity Assessment form, which will take between 1-2 hours to complete. This assists you in discovering your goals for our program, and helps me to learn more about you and your journey so far. Plus it provides a thorough foundation for beginning our exploration together, and because I’ll review it thoroughly prior to our first session, we’ll get a head start on the program even before our first session together! [Value: $200]
  4. Prior to each of our sessions together, you will fill out a brief session preparation sheet. this insures that I know your goals, desires and ideal outcomes for each session, so that we can spend our session time in fully exploring / creating the results you are seeking! [Value: $100]
  5. You join me for 12, highly personalized, one-on-one coaching sessions, where we’ll get extremely focused and utilize powerful strategies that help you create and achieve your desires! Each session is 50-55 minutes in duration. Typically we’ll have 2-3 sessions together per month. [Value: $3600]
  6. each session is recorded, and you’ll receive an MP3 within 24 hours to refer to again and again. [Value: $240]
  7. You’ll receive unlimited email access to me, beginning from the moment you sign up for the Serene Connections coaching program. If you’re feeling stuck with something, need a suggestion or two, or have a question that just can’t wait until our next session, I want to hear from you! I’m here to support you on your journey, and I’m only an email away, any time during your program. [Value: $1000]

But your actual financial investment in the program is far lower than that…
So much so that I reveal the surprisingly reasonable price only during your 60-minute program review session
Extended payments are available to make experiencing Serene Connections Coaching even easier on your budget.

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When I came to Kim for coaching, I felt like I was just spinning my wheels and draining my energy.  I really needed to focus.  I needed to find some direction and dispel my frazzled energy.  I was also struggling with finances, and knew that I had blocks around money.

I was drawn to Kim because she was very warm and approachable, and I knew our personalities were a complete match.  The activities and exercises she taught me fit me so well.  They helped me to learn to focus.  Kim pointed me in directions that also allowed me to gain the focus I so needed.  I learned to gain direction, and to experience peace and calm.  Through investing in coaching, I gave myself permission to take time for myself.  The changes this helped to instill in me also positively effected the people around me.

coaching with Kim has given me a new-found confidence in myself.  I have learned patience, too, and now trust that the universe is providing for me.  My finances are improving steadily.  I don’t have to push hard to see positive results.  New and better things just keep coming easily into my life now.  I no longer feel the frustration I experienced previously.  Also, through our coaching together, I have gained the confidence to ask for and receive me-time, which makes a huge positive difference.  Now I know that I am always supported by the universe, and that support is assisting me and my entire family in such positive ways.
Allison Moss

You have the option of following an established coaching curriculum for the first 6 sessions of your Serene Connections Coaching program. Or if you’d prefer, we can customize these sessions specifically for you. The 6 curriculum sessions provide you powerful steps for quickly progressing on your spiritual journey. The choice to use them, or not, is totally up to you.

Here’s an overview of the 6 curriculum sessions:

Session One: What’s keeping you from experiencing spiritual serenity? Discover the answer to this question, and unlock the door to the depths of serenity that await you. Together, we’ll discover what’s keeping your spiritual serenity from filling you up, and utilize a powerful process to release what’s keeping you stuck, so that you can unlock the door to your spiritual serenity.

Session Two: Receiving your spiritual present. Now that you’re releasing what no longer serves you, we can now explore methods to powerfully assist you in living in the moment and opening to receive deep spiritual connection. Not sure how to feel Spirit’s presence? It’s different for all of us, and in this session, you’ll discover ways in which you receive spiritual guidance. It’s like turning on a beautiful piece of music… you’ll be able to open to your own spiritual connection with joy and confidence.

Session Three: Boosting the spiritual signal. One of the fastest and most powerful methods of connecting with Spirit is through increasing your intuitive abilities. In this session, I’ll show you powerful tools and exercises that will assist you in becoming more aware of your intuition, how it serves you, and how you can access it to create massive positive shifts in your life and your spiritual serenity.

Session Four: Finding your spiritual center. You’ll give yourself the gift of opening more fully to embrace your spiritual connections by discovering the wellspring of peace and tranquility within yourself. This is a beautiful method for nurturing your mind, body and spirit, as well as for connecting with the God of your understanding, and can have profound positive effects on all areas of your life.

Session Five: Creating a spiritual haven. Creating spiritual serenity takes practice and discipline, and in order to make these practices fun and fulfilling, you may wish to have a beautiful, sacred space in which to connect with Spirit. In this session, we’ll discuss ways that you can create a spiritual haven that you love, and that will provide you the ability to open fully to experience spiritual guidance.

Session Six: Expanding the connection. In this session, you will learn how you can utilize powerful spiritual practices to enhance and transform other areas of your life. Want to find out how a connection with Spirit can assist you in boosting your prosperity, for instance? We’ll customize exercises and practices that will bring you greater clarity, empowerment and joy in desired life areas.

The remaining six sessions of your program are customized for your specific needs.

Unsure whether you want the curriculum or a fully customized program? Please don’t worry, as I’m fully committed to your success in this program, and together, we’ll figure out which of these options is best for you.

But before you make any decisions…
You’re required to schedule a complimentary, no obligation 60-minute program review session with me.
I want to speak with you so that we can both be certain that the Serene Connections program is the perfect match for you.
In this free session, you’ll experience coaching with me first hand, learn all the details concerning the Serene Connections Coaching program, and I will answer all of your questions. By the end of our time together, you’ll have received powerful, concrete steps that can assist you on your spiritual path, and you’ll easily know whether Serene connections coaching is the next right step for you.

Go here to fill out the brief survey now.

Who will benefit from Serene Connections Coaching?

You will benefit from this program if you:

  • Wish to experience more peace and joy in all areas of your life, once and for all.
  • Long for a deep, loving, one-on-one connection with your higher power, that you can access any time, anywhere
  • Are tired of feeling frustrated, dissatisfied and uncertain about your spiritual life
  • Want a coaching partnership with someone who has been there and who can assist you in finding the tools, practices and mindsets that will work for you in gaining spiritual serenity and deep joy.
  • Are willing to commit the time to nurture your spiritual fulfillment.
  • Have room in your budget to invest in yourself. (there are payment plans available, but coaching does require an investment…

Why I created this powerful one-on-one coaching program

As a child, I was deeply receptive to my spiritual connection with the God of my understanding. And yet, even when I was very young, I always knew in my heart that there was so much more than what I was currently experiencing. I always had a thirst to explore and magnify my connection with spirit even further. I somehow knew that my connections with, communication with and experiences with spirit could be even deeper, broader and more abundant.

Then my spiritual joy was shattered when, in my teens, I fell into the grasping pit of depression. I became consumed with guilt and unhappiness due to my perfectionism, and felt lost in a place of deep despair. I was experiencing intense, unexplained vertigo which left me in bed for several weeks. I became frightened and suicidal, and where I had once experienced connection with Spirit, there was only a dark void of confusion, agony and silence. I was left bereft of spiritual serenity, and had no idea how to find it again.

The long journey back from this cliff edge of despair was one which I took step by searching baby step. I was fortunate to have wonderful support along the way. I came to discover tools and techniques that assisted me to hear the voice of Spirit once again, but rather than happening all at once, this reconnection with spirit was definitely an ongoing process that took many months.

The surprising thing for me was that my spiritual horizons opened themselves up to me in ways I had never experienced before, leading me down new and varied spiritual paths that I hadn’t previously considered. Having come from a pretty orthodox Baptist upbringing, the journey towards learning about, much less following these different spiritual paths was daunting and terrifying at first. It can be really scary to move from a spiritual foundation that you once felt was firm, true and the only spiritual space for you, and step onto spiritual paths which you haven’t experienced previously. For me, this process was filled with fear, anxiety and guilt. Was I doing the wrong thing? Would God turn away from me in disgust? Would I go to Hell?

Eventually, after many conversations with spirit, I gained a deep-seated peace that filled me up and gave me the confidence to move forward with assurance and delight. I discovered a level of spiritual connection and serenity that I had never experienced. My spiritual path continues to blossom in incredible, magical ways.

  • I have daily conversations with Spirit that guide me in successful and delightful directions that I couldn’t have imagined.
  • At any time, I can reach into my spiritual center to experience an unshakable peace, no matter my outward circumstances.
  • And I know that I am never truly alone.

I’m so grateful for the journey so far, and am eager for each days new spiritual adventures.

This is why I have created the Spiritual Connections Coaching program. I know that:

  • The spiritual journey can be triggered through an experience of personal suffering or trauma
  • If you come from a traditional religious background, it can feel intensely uncomfortable to move in what seems like a different spiritual direction
  • Creating a deep spiritual connection may feel risky or intimidating — having an experienced guide can help
  • Having a personalized set of spiritual tools and techniques can also help, and developing these are a primary focus of this program

I want you to be able to experience a vibrant, joyful connection with Spirit, while nurturing yourself deeply, and living a life brimming over with serenity.

The fixed session structure of this program allows for intense focus, bringing about maximum results for you in a shorter amount of time.
Plus, the unlimited email support you receive allows you to get your questions answered, receive new tools and strategies, and always have someone to talk to and share with at any time between your sessions. That way you’ll never lose your momentum!

You’ll receive my absolute happiness guarantee!

After well over a decade increasing my own spiritual connection, and having helped many clients to do the same since 2006, I’m so confident that this program will work for you that I guarantee it. I’ll explain your generous guarantee period on your free call.

Plus, I’m also giving you two transformational bonus gifts, worth $400.

  1. You’ll receive 2 powerful Prayersongs, created and performed just for you! these Prayersongs will assist you in opening your heart, receiving serenity, and experiencing the presence of Spirit in a deeply profound manner, just through listening. [Value: $200]
  2. You’ll get 2 custom-created guided meditations based on your own unique needs and desires. Reach your goals even faster with these powerful meditations which I’ll write and record exclusively for you. [Value: $200]

Before I began coaching with Kim I was in need of a lot of clarity. I was seeking confirmation and direction on my path, both in my business and in my personal life. I was experiencing fear, confusion and worry that I wasn’t going in the right direction. I feared that if I didn’t receive clarity and confirmation that none of my efforts would be worthwhile. I recognized that I needed help.

Coaching with Kim gave me someone to talk to about what I wanted to do. In explaining my goals and dreams to a supportive ally, that really allowed the clarity to come through for me. Kim provided powerful feedback, and truly heard and affirmed my goals. Hearing her repeat back my own statements to me was a big “Aha!” for me. Kim and I had a lot of shared experiences. There was a lot of shared empathy between us. Having the support of someone who had been there and knew what I was going through was very helpful for me.

I can’t begin to express how much coaching with Kim has helped me. Our sessions have assisted me in illiminating my worry and fear and experiencing inner peace. I have found the clarity I needed, and have learned to see the big picture. My intuition is extremely heightened now. I am successfully moving forward, and am no longer afraid to take the steps. My business has increased, and I now have clients with whom I truly resonate. The clients that I put out to the universe that I would like are the clients that I get. I now have much more self-confidence and self-esteem. I aproach people differently as a result. I’ve come to realize that if someone doesn’t like me for me, well, there’s someone else out there who will. I’m constantly surprised at what the universe brings me. I’m very, very happy and excited! If you’re in a place where you know you want and need support to shift and experience a happier life, are willing to put in the effort, and are prepared for the help, then I would most definitely recommend coaching with Kim.
Bradley Buchanan

When I began coaching with Kim I was transitioning into doing my spiritual work full time, and was really craving validation to know that this was where I was supposed to be. I needed strength, and to truly know that the spiritual work I offer was going to provide value to humanity. I was feeling very overwhelmed, and was unsure about how to move forward. I was floundering around like a fish out of water, painfully trying to do everything by myself.

The opportunity to coach with Kim came along at the perfect time for me. I was drawn to coach with her because I trusted her, and I quickly discovered that having her as my coach was an absolutely vital key in helping me to take my next steps and move to the next level of where I wanted and needed to be. I needed the level of support Kim offered; if I didn’t need it, I would have already done the work myself. The energy of our sessions together was extremely powerful, as were the experiential exercises and guided processes that Kim taught me. The exercises were amazing, and made me feel inspired and wonderful. Having the sessions as MP3 recordings to refer back to over and over was huge. Kim held the safe space to show me my own ability to succeed, and that was huge for me. My confidence was boosted tremendously. She helped me to expand, and to let go of that archive of past experiences which didn’t work out the way I wanted them to. I learned to stop creating the stuff I don’t want and to release that energy. Kim created a space of power and confidence in which I learned to do the work, to feel better about what I wanted and needed to do, and to believe in myself. I learned that I was valuable and my abilities were valuable. I felt a huge sense of relief, and like a huge weight had been lifted off of me.

Since coaching with Kim, I am much happier. I now feel so much lighter, and am moving forward with excitement! Coaching with Kim helped me to turn the corner, reach a huge milestone and then pass it successfully. I now know how to tap back into that powerful energy of our coaching sessions to help me in achieving my desires. I now feel good about me and what I’m offering in my work. I changed my entire business model as a result of our coaching time together, and my clients have responded! I’m making more money and feeling so much better about myself and my direction. Receiving the support of coaching with Kim is a true gift you should give yourself. My coaching time with Kim was instrumental in helping me to follow my heart. Her supportive energy has helped me to truly move forward on my path. Our work together was so valuable to me, and has made a huge difference in my life. I’m very grateful.
Kate Large

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Wishing you an abundance of blessings and serenity,