Spiritual Prayer for Discerning Spiritual Guidance

Father Mother God (or use the spiritual names which resonate with your path),

I very much want to experience spiritual guidance, enhancing my life, opening my heart and filling my soul with peace. Sometimes, I only feel a deep sense of emptiness within me. At other times, I feel a stirring of… something, but am unsure / unclear whether this is Spirit guiding me, or my own mind chatter. Both these situations leave me feeling discouraged, confused and frustrated. (Insert your own emotions)

Help me to truly know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I am being guided. Help me to clearly hear, feel, or otherwise experience spiritual guidance and wisdom, in those ways which will resonate most perfectly with my own soul. Assist me in becoming more fully, distinctly aware of the ways in which Divine guidance finds it’s way into my life. Help me to fully and richly experience Divine presence within my own spirit, and within my days as I traverse my life and my spiritual path.

I wish to feel comfort, clarity and distinct direction for my life’s situations. I thank you for assisting me in opening the floodgates to deeply experiencing spiritual guidance. Assist and support me in finding my way forward with joy, and in knowing the depths of Divine love as I do so.

I am ready and willing to take those steps necessary to become more aware of the spiritual guidance I’m receiving. Thank you, Spirit, for being a constant in my life. Bolster me with continued courage, motivation and spiritual serenity, as I move forward, step by step, day by day, growing closer and closer to the Divinity, which is within me, beside me and forever surrounding me, always and in all ways.

Thank you, Spirit!

Amen (So mote it be. And so it is. Etc)

About Kim Loftis

Kim Loftis is the Spiritual Serenity Coach, joyfully assisting her clients in forging deep and lasting connections with the God / Goddess / Gods of their understanding, while utilizing transformational, highly-personalized spiritual practices to enhance and empower all areas of their lives. Kim's passion is to assist you in teaching your spirit to shine at it's brightest, while using Divine guidance to light every step of your path.

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