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This complementary eBook contains some of my best loved and most powerful articles collected from the first twenty issues of my bi-weekly newsletter, Spiritual Serenity Heartsong. I specifically chose these articles to give you a nice taste of what Spiritual Serenity Heartsong is all about.

When you read my newsletter, I want you to gain greater peace and joy, food for thought, and powerful spiritual tools with which you can bring greater spiritual serenity to your life. I also want you to gain some smiles along the way, as well as plenty of inspiration to help your heart sing.

I hope these articles bring you all that I mentioned above, and lots of other wonderful benefits, as well. If they can help you in any way, then I’m achieving my purpose as the spiritual serenity coach. If you like what you read here, you can subscribe to Spiritual Serenity Heartsong for a bi-weekly helping of inspiration,by signing up to the right.

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